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The countdown has started for our 45th reunion. Can you help make our celebration a success?

40th Reunion Photo

Will you help make Punahou74’s 45th reunion as great as its 40th?

It takes a lot of work to put together a Punhou reunion and, as the saying goes, (more…)


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Building upon an idea that was used for both Punahou School’s 175th and Wo Center 25th anniversaries, a fun surprise was on display when I arrived on the Punahou School campus on June 8.

The idea that I reference is the use of banners to line Slade Drive, the road that one enters via the main gate. What excited me this June was something altogether different from what had been previously displayed. The anniversary banners had announced the event in question. The banners I was reading offered a variety of messages, each (more…)

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No, it’s not time for our 45th reunion … yet. But why not work up to it?

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 12.54.27 PM

DINING TOGETHER: Front Row: Lynne Gartley Meyer, Lee Ann Gulickson, Sheree Lum Orsi, Lyallyn Temple, Fay Inouye Atchenson, Barbara Swig. Back row: Gaye Miyasaki, Lisa Yamaguchi Bowden, Haven Young Rafto and Jan Bertram.

Punahou74 classmates met at Ala Moana’s Shirokiya Japan Village Walk for a quick dinner Wednesday, April 4. (more…)

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With the rollout of Punahou School’s Alumni Week 2017, reunion 2019 is nudging its way on to the edge of Punahou74’s consciousness. In one year the reunion countdown will begin. Good to know that Punahou74 is still strong … and still celebrating together.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.09.31 PM

“Hey, where’s the party?” (Stein Rafto photo)

Alumni Week’s Thursday night is an “Alumni Celebration.” It’s open to all alumni (+ friends and family) and offers good food, good music, and good times.

While it’s an alumni party, most of the attendees tend to be from reunion classes. And that’s something that Punahou74 will wait another two years to experience.

But this doesn’t stop the great Punahou School class of 1974.

Alumni Art Exhibit

Babs Miyano Young generously donated tropical floral arrangements that graced the Alumni Art exhibition. Simply stunning! I love how she (more…)

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June 9, 2016 was a day to party on the Punahou campus; a day that would include one of the last celebrations of the 175th anniversary year.

Punahou 175th Party

Can you name all of the Punahou74 party goers pictured above? Hint: One person is a mystery guest. This person is not a class member but is and is known by all Punahou74 classmates. Answers below.

The night included a variety of distractions: (more…)

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We all enjoyed them at the Friday night 40th reunion party. Why not learn how to replicate the pleasure for yourself?

Yellow heliconia steal the show in this floor-to-ceiling arrangement.

Yellow heliconia steal the show in this floor-to-ceiling 40th reunion arrangement.

As anyone knows, flowers can add real elegance and beauty to a party setting. Thanks to the artistry of Babs Miyano Young, our Friday night party was greatly enhanced by the stunning floral presentation that she assembled for the historic Morgan manse.

We all knew Babs had it. After all, she was and is one of our leading Punahou74 artists. As our reunion artist, we’ve proudly worn and enjoyed her artwork for years.

But back to the flowers.

She Knows Her Stuff

Babs’ reunion arrangements (more…)

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If you were at the Friday night party held during our 40th reunion you enjoyed the music of several classmates, one of whom was Fred Randolph. If you liked what you heard you may be interested in Fred’s new CD.

Fred Randolph

FRED RANDOLPH and Jud Haskins entertaining the crowd at Punahou74’s 40th reunion.

The album is called “Song Without Singing.” Now, truth be told, I am a political junkie and my audio listening is devoted to¬† talk radio and audiobooks (love that history). That said, from what I have heard, Fred’s album is (more…)

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