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So you think the Carnival was over when the clock struck 11 p.m. on Saturday, February 3? Well it wasn’t. Not if you lived in Southern California that is.


And the Punahou74 blog is writing about this because … read on to find out!

The Punahou Alumni Association Southern California (PAASC) is one of the PAA’s regional chapters. It is the largest chapter outside of the state of Hawaii with more than 3,000 members living in Santa Barbara and to the south.

It’s an active chapter. Looking at its facebook page, it has regular events that include pau hanas, beach clean-ups, Hawaiian music concerts, and visits from the big guy (Dr. Scott). And, this year, there was a new event on the calendar, (more…)


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The Punahou Alumni Association’s recognition of outstanding alumni has become a regular part of the school’s Alumni Week in the last few years. Despite 2017 being a non-reunion year, Punahou74’s presence at the ceremony was hard to ignore. You should’ve been there!

2017 PAA Awards

AWARDS READY TO GO. Marcia’s and Scott’s are the second and third in line. Since they were first given out in 1954, 165 awards have been made to alumni. The oldest recipient? O-in-Life winner George Paul Cooke of the class of 1895. Twelve 1970-decade graduates have also won over time: four of them members from the great class of 1974!

No, it’s not because of the kalua sliders, chicken potstickers, shrimp cocktail, and caramel cuts that filled our plates that attendance was a must-do. It’s because it is no (more…)

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Imagine my surprise when I opened the invitation! You will be surprised too. … or maybe not too surprised.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.50.37 PM

Punahou Alumni Association Awards Ceremony

Created in 1976, the Old School Award recognizes those who support Punahou in many ways. Its winners exemplify the spirit of Punahou through outstanding service to the school. This is the one award that is open to both living and non-living alumni and non-alumni.

The award is one of four offered by the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA). The other three alumni awards, and the years in which they were first offered, are the “O” in Life (1954), the Samuel Chapman Armstrong Humanitarian Award (1993), and the Charles S. Judd, Jr. Humanitarian Award (2003). Certificates of Appreciation are also conferred.

Before this year Punahou74 had two Old School Award Winners: Alan (more…)

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Congratulations to our two class members who are now certified by the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA) as super volunteers!

A happy contingent of Punahou74 classmates celebrated the PAA's recognition of the contributions of Paul Goto and Scott Metcalf. Shown (L-R) are Linda Sutton Torres, Fritz Rohlfing, Lynne Gartley Meyer, Scott Metcalf, Nancy Dew Metcalf, Paul Goto. Gaye Miyasaki also attended but had to leave before this picture was taken.

It was a happy occasion on Tuesday, June 7 the PAA recognized members of the Punahou community who have given generously of their time and talents to assist both Punahou and the PAA. Among those being recognized were (more…)

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Two days to register. Punahou74 team? (Come on, Ken, don’t you need a new car?)

The Punahou Alumni Association and the 2010 – 2011 Committee Chair Richard Hosoda ’83 welcome you to join them for a casual and competitive round of golf.

This three-person modified scramble is limited to the first 216 entries. Reservations are accepted on a first come-first serve basis. Application and payment must be received to confirm registration. All players must be (more…)

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