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So you’ve left work early, navigated the parking challenge, experienced The Ultimate Malasada Sugar Rush while you worked your Punahou74 Carnival shift and … time’s up. Shift’s done. You’re out of there. See ya next year…maybe. The party may not be over!


“Rewinding the Time” after the 2016 Punahou Carnival at the Sidestreet Inn (Hopaka Street) are (L-R) Lee Ann Nicolay, Landis Lum, Tammy Yee (Mike’s wife), Lynne Gartley Meyer, Mike Yee, Mike Mikasa, Cliff Halevi, Catherine Tompkison, and Ian Sandison.



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When the final figures were in, 1973 Punahou Carnival receipts exceeded 1972’s by more than 11% and set a new all-time record. Won’t you help today’s juniors enjoy a similar positive outcome by working at the Punahou74 shift at this year’s Carnival?


Pictured here checking in for his 2012 Punahou74 Carnival Shift, Ralph Aona is still leading classmates in their carnival work.

Punahou Carnival 1973 had its share of noteworthy changes: a new 11:30 start and stop time; booth rearrangement due to construction of the Sullivan Administration building; the appearance of a babysitting service to enable parents to browse with both hands free.

Despite all of the changes, Punahou Carnival 1973 had something in common with all Punahou Carnivals: Work … and plenty of fun. But, led by our able co-chairs Marie Mookini and Ralph Aona, how could we have missed setting a standard for others to follow?

The result of Punahou74’s efforts was reported in the February 23, 1973 edition of Ka Punahou as follows: (more…)

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