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They don’t make themselves, you know.

Waiting Malasada Customers

A common sight at the malasada booth: anxious customers waiting for their malasadas.

It’s a recognized problem. One that was known even 45 years ago when Punahou74 was running the show. (more…)


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The shift started out apprehensively. The class with which we had shared malasada duty for the last two years was moving to another shift. Given this development we needed twice as many class members to fill the tent. With Punahou74 starting its seventh decade of life could such a quota be filled? To quote from Punahou’s signature cheer the answer was “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


AFTER THE SHIFT: Some of Punahou74 classmates who attended the Punahou74 Carnival Shift After Party. Pictured are (front row, L-R) Cindy Li, Babs Miyano Young, Renee Ahuna Cabrinha, Haven Young Rafto, and Warren Loui, (back row, L-R) Jan Bertram, Sheree Lum Orsi, Cliff Halevi, Lynne Gartley Meyer, Ian Sandison, Alvin Cabrinha, Landis Lum, Ralph Aona, and Lyallyn Temple.

That Punahou74 consistently fills its shift quotas is a testament first to our dedication to (more…)

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The text came in shortly after I returned home from a long Friday at the Punahou Carnival. “Renee and I may be on the KITV 4 news.” Huh? Then this: “Just got home–they showed us on the news.” What? When did this happen?


Babs Miyano Young and Renee Ahuna Cabrinha show their media prowess when featured in a KITV news story about the Punahou Carnival.

Punahou’s iconic malasadas are always an item of interest to the news media when covering the annual Punahou Carnival. Such was the case on the Friday, February 3 KITV late newscast.

As luck would have it, (more…)

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Hey, Daddy-o! The word from the bird is that it’s time to fire up your rocket, lay a patch, and make the scene at Punahou Carnival 2017! It’s a real kick!! Let me clue you in so you can be in orbit for an unreal experience.


Dates and Times

February 3 and 4, 2016. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily on the lower Punahou School campus.

Weather Forecast

Sure the Carnival’s earthbound for its rain and mud. In fact, (more…)

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If you missed your chance to volunteer Punahou74’s recent Community Day at Lanakila all is not lost. Why? Because it’s time for the Punahou Carnival. Guess what? Volunteers like you are needed!

Carnival Logo

2016 Punahou Carnival Logo

If it’s January it’s time for the annual appeal for Punahou74 volunteers for the Ewa Malasada tent. Can you help out?

The theme tag line this year pays homage to Punahou School’s 175th anniversary: “Rewind the Time: the Punahou Journey.” That fits right in for Carnival volunteering … because during one shift you’ll find that there’s plenty of time to rekindle old acquaintances!

Once again we will be sharing the tent with members of the Punahou School class of 1970. They were a great bunch to work with last year and I am sure they will be there in force again. Thankfully, because this is a joint effort, I only have to beg 25 of you to come forward to get your hands doughy.

But … Nancy Dew Metcalf is again our fearless leader and she tells me that she still needs (more…)

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