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The text came in shortly after I returned home from a long Friday at the Punahou Carnival. “Renee and I may be on the KITV 4 news.” Huh? Then this: “Just got home–they showed us on the news.” What? When did this happen?


Babs Miyano Young and Renee Ahuna Cabrinha show their media prowess when featured in a KITV news story about the Punahou Carnival.

Punahou’s iconic malasadas are always an item of interest to the news media when covering the annual Punahou Carnival. Such was the case on the Friday, February 3 KITV late newscast.

As luck would have it, (more…)


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While I was reading through old copies of the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin I kept coming upon the daily t.v. schedules. Now with many fewer channels, these were nowhere like the complex schedule spreadsheets that one sees today. We only had the three networks, plus PBS, plus KIKU (and there was no way I could understand that channel!).

To make a long story short, I was impressed with the number of shows I recognized and the number of shows I really liked to watch. How about you? What would you be watching on t.v. Thursday night, February 28, 1974?

Here’s the schedule of shows you’d have to choose from: (more…)

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