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The countdown has started for our 45th reunion. Can you help make our celebration a success?

40th Reunion Photo

Will you help make Punahou74’s 45th reunion as great as its 40th?

It takes a lot of work to put together a Punhou reunion and, as the saying goes, (more…)


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Memorial Day has traditionally been known as a day to remember those who died while serving in the United States armed forces. In recent years, the day has expanded to include  collective and personal remembrances of departed family members and friends. With its growing prayer list, Punahou74 has many departed classmates to include in its Memorial Day observance.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.16.25 AM

More than 50,000 people watch thousands of lighted lanterns head for sea as the 2018 Lantern Floating Hawaii ceremony draws to a close.

Lantern Floating Hawaii is Hawaii’s premiere Memorial Day event. Sponsored by Shinnyo-En Hawaii, an Oahu Buddhist temple, the event features song, dance, and ceremonies that climax with the sunset seaward launch of thousands of lighted paper lanterns inscribed with messages of love and aloha to those who have left this world. The occasion encourages cultural harmony and understanding–“Many Rivers, One Ocean”– while honoring loved ones.

The observance has grown geometrically since its 1999 start. Today more than (more…)

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“What, me worry?” Yes. Me worry plenty! Going into Friday there was a concern that Punahou74 would not meet its malasada shift commitment and would be about 15% short of the people we needed. And many of these volunteers were “tentatives.” When it came to shift time, would the malasadas have to be make themselves?

Taj Malasadas 2018

TAJ MALASADAS is the name of this year’s Ewa Malasada booth. As the Taj Mahal is one of the world’s architectural wonders so too is a Punahou’s malasada one of the world’s culinary wonders!


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With the rollout of Punahou School’s Alumni Week 2017, reunion 2019 is nudging its way on to the edge of Punahou74’s consciousness. In one year the reunion countdown will begin. Good to know that Punahou74 is still strong … and still celebrating together.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.09.31 PM

“Hey, where’s the party?” (Stein Rafto photo)

Alumni Week’s Thursday night is an “Alumni Celebration.” It’s open to all alumni (+ friends and family) and offers good food, good music, and good times.

While it’s an alumni party, most of the attendees tend to be from reunion classes. And that’s something that Punahou74 will wait another two years to experience.

But this doesn’t stop the great Punahou School class of 1974.

Alumni Art Exhibit

Babs Miyano Young generously donated tropical floral arrangements that graced the Alumni Art exhibition. Simply stunning! I love how she (more…)

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For those of you living outside of Hawaii, the search for Alec Cooke was called off. Both the Coast Guard and Honolulu Fire Department helicopter crews unsuccessfully searched 8,930-square ocean miles for him. A friend found Alec’s surfboard but Alec himself is now considered lost to the sea.

Alec Cooke 1983

Alec Cooke c. 1983

A memorial paddle out service–“Keep The Ocean Blue”–is planned for January 30, 2016 at Waimea Bay, the spot at which he was last seen on October 27. Final details are pending but funds for the service are currently being solicited here. I see that some classmates have already donated. I encourage your generosity if you feel so moved.

Since his loss much has been written about Alec a.k.a. “Ace Cool” and his adventuresome spirit. Most articles detail his (more…)

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Second in the Found on Friday series. This is when I write about things that I find on the Punahou School campus when I am there on Fridays.

This was an easy one.

After finishing lunch at the cafeteria I was walking towards Cooke Library when I saw a royal poinciana tree ablaze with flowers. It was gorgeous.

Summer is truly in bloom! This must be (more…)

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Over the years the Punahou Carnival has grown to become the dominant school fun raising event in the state of Hawaii. For years it has generated money to support scholarships, building drives, and even graduation events for the senior class.


1973 Punahou Carnival Map. The grounds were more confined then. Note the initials in the lower right hand corner. Is “JS” Jeff Sia?

For many alumni, the Carnival’s growth into a money raising leviathan has been an incrementally creeping, nearly imperceptible process for those who manage to make the annual pilgrimage through the Lower Field gates. For the alumnus who returns after years away, however, it is a smack-in-the-head, awe inspiring, if not overwhelming experience: “The booths! The rides! The people! (more…)

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