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Section 11343, Revised Laws of Hawaii 1945, refers  to the playing of prohibited games. This statute provides that every person who participates in or who conducts, either as an owner or employee, any specific type of game or any game in which money or anything of value is won or lost is guilty of a misdemeanor.


1957 Carnival scene: Grant Marsh and Barbara Townsend splurge on a balloon from the happy vendor, Dave Ferguson. (1957 Oahuan photo and caption)

So read the February 7, 1957 letter from Dan Liu, Chief of Police (signed by Arthur M. Tarbell, Deputy Chief of Police), to Dr. John Fox, President of Punahou School. Walter F. Dillingham, President of the Board of Trustees, and Mrs. Robert S. Lowery, Carnival Chairwoman, were copied on the communication.

At issue was a January 1957 court ruling, made by Judge Harry R. Hewitt, that gambling is involved in “any game in which money or something of value is won or lost.” Because Carnival games offered prizes to its winners, game players were gambling and would, as stated in Chief Liu’s letter, be subject to the possibility “of embarrassment attendant to arrest and prosecution of any individual concerned either as operators or as participants.”

With this news being delivered on the eve of the start of the February 8-9 event fifty years ago this year, it seemed that the Carnival much attended midway was doomed.

What to do? Actually the answer was quite simple. According to Carnival Chairwoman Lowrey, “We just (more…)


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As Punahou celebrates the graduation of the class of 2016 this weekend, there will be one thing missing from the occasion, something that once was a seventy-year campus tradition: the bestowing of a class gift.

Punahou's Main Gates were a gift of the classes of 1931 and 1931.

Punahou’s Main Gates were a gift of the classes of 1931 and 1931.

Class gifts are a way for alumni to benefit current and future students while honoring their alma mater.¬† Punahou’s records document the gifts received from graduates dating back to 1904.

Commencement was a week-long affair in those days and featured events such as graduation, a dance, and Class Day. It was during this celebration on June 18, 1904 that class president, Harold Castle, introduced the first class gift. He spoke from the balcony to those gathered on the shady lawn in front of Pauahi Hall:

Mr. Castle said that (more…)

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New to the Punahou Carnival in 1962 was a game that still graces today’s midway, albeit with some updates. Provided at little cost, it was a money-maker from the start. And its appeal; obviously timeless!

Splat Midway Scene 1962

Scenes from the skills game midway of Punahou Carnival 1962. (Punahou Bulletin photo, March 1962.)

After the 1961 Punahou Carnival it was clear that one of the two bean bag booths needed to go. But what to offer in its place?

The Carnival “big wigs” that year were overall chairwoman Mrs. Alex Waterhouse and student co-chairmen Kale Okasaki (1963) and Warren Heiser (1963). There was also “Carnival granddaddy” Leo Piper (Buildings and Grounds, 1946-1965) and dean of the sponsoring Junior Class, Tom Metcalf (Elementary and Academy Teacher, Dean 1950-1990). Working together this group would raise a Carnival gross of $57,025; most of which much would go towards funding student scholarships.

Just two months before the February 9 and 10 event, Warren Heiser had an idea for a booth replacement. He shared his idea at the December 14, 1961 meeting of the Carnival Coordinating Committee: (more…)

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