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News of Anne’s death came circuitously via “Happy Birthday” facebook wishes that would be sent to the hereafter.

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You know the notification. “XXXX — write a birthday wish on his [or her] timeline.” And so it goes. You send along best wishes. The more industrious add a photo, meme, or catchy phrase. And so goes another year. Or does it? (more…)


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Stephen Spalding Email Picture

Stephen Milbank Spalding                        11/12/1955 – 8/31/2015

This blog reported earlier on Stephen’s death and provided his obituary. His family has now set a Hawaii memorial service for friends and family. You are encouraged to attend.


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For those of you living outside of Hawaii, the search for Alec Cooke was called off. Both the Coast Guard and Honolulu Fire Department helicopter crews unsuccessfully searched 8,930-square ocean miles for him. A friend found Alec’s surfboard but Alec himself is now considered lost to the sea.

Alec Cooke 1983

Alec Cooke c. 1983

A memorial paddle out service–“Keep The Ocean Blue”–is planned for January 30, 2016 at Waimea Bay, the spot at which he was last seen on October 27. Final details are pending but funds for the service are currently being solicited here. I see that some classmates have already donated. I encourage your generosity if you feel so moved.

Since his loss much has been written about Alec a.k.a. “Ace Cool” and his adventuresome spirit. Most articles detail his (more…)

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I heard this on the radio as I was packing up to leave work tonight. I was speechless. My reaction was not unique. By the time I arrived home the news was on 73 sites around the Internet.

Alec Cooke facebook

BACK IN THE DAY OF THE BIGGEST WAVE. This picture had been posted on Alec’s facebook page.


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While looking through my blog files I found this story that was never posted. So so sorry for the delay but I hope you will still take the time to read.

David Parrish, Punahou74 member since first grade, died on October 16, 2013. He was a retired city of Honolulu lifeguard.

David Parrish Boat

David Parrish off Waikiki and on board “Pirate,” his father’s boat c. 1976.

I first became aware of David’s passing upon seeing a facebook post from Jeff Sia. He wrote: “To Dave Parrish – For the joy, laughter, reflection, and humility you gave to me. It was my good fortune to not only know you and be a friend, but to have had an opportunity to (more…)

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Another sorry story to report to you. Stephen was one of the original members of Punahou74 and stayed with us through eighth grade. His obituary appeared in the Rutland Herald and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Thanks to Mike Mikasa for alerting me to this story.

Stephen Spalding KPic

COUNTING CAPERS: (L-R) Ginny Chalmers, Patti Mei Look, Ron Nelson, Trish Moore, Stephen Spalding. They are pictured in the 1962 Na Opio in Miss Linton’s kindergarten class.


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A hot wind fled lightly across a startlingly clear blue sea. The weather was deliciously tropical and something for which vacationers pay dearly to experience in Hawaii. The week-long threat of Hurricane Guillermo was gone. The setting was tailor-made  for a Hawaii daughter returning home for her last aloha. 


POSING WITH ANN’S PORTRAIT FOLLOWING THE SERVICE are Monica del Piano Campanis, Mary Jane Markoskie, Nancy Dew Metcalf, Lynne Gartley Meyer, and Ann’s mother.

The drive provided an opportunity to reconnect (more…)

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