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We’re all familiar with the saying, “Join the Navy and See the World.” Even the Navy sells this as an enlistment benefit noting that “the vessels that you will serve on will sail to the corners of the Earth and you will stop in many different ports.” Of course, that’s because the Navy member is serving on the ship itself. I didn’t know that there were incidental benefits for family members!

View from Bridge

VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE of the USN Richard E. Byrd at Apra Harbor in Guam.

Truth be it, the family member to whom I am referring is in the Merchant Marines, not the United States Navy. But it’s still a job that takes you to the four corners of the Earth. Right?

And as to the incidental benefits? In this case they relate to the service of (more…)


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The first day of school is a time of celebration. New books, new teachers, new year. Of these special days, none is as significant as July 11, 1842: the day students first attended school at Ka Punahou.

Early Lily Pond

AN EARLY VIEW OF THE LILY POND: The spring divided into several streams which flowed through the grounds — “carried along to water the taro and in one channel to water the garden near the [former Bingham] house, in another to run through the pantry to keep it cool, in another to meet a little vineyard back of the house.” (Punahou Archives Photo)

The path to the first day of school was a long and difficult one for the protestant missionaries who founded Punahou. These were educated people, people who desired and valued educational opportunities for their own children:

The time has arrived (more…)

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Imagine my surprise when I opened the invitation! You will be surprised too. … or maybe not too surprised.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 1.50.37 PM

Punahou Alumni Association Awards Ceremony

Created in 1976, the Old School Award recognizes those who support Punahou in many ways. Its winners exemplify the spirit of Punahou through outstanding service to the school. This is the one award that is open to both living and non-living alumni and non-alumni.

The award is one of four offered by the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA). The other three alumni awards, and the years in which they were first offered, are the “O” in Life (1954), the Samuel Chapman Armstrong Humanitarian Award (1993), and the Charles S. Judd, Jr. Humanitarian Award (2003). Certificates of Appreciation are also conferred.

Before this year Punahou74 had two Old School Award Winners: Alan (more…)

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As Punahou celebrates the graduation of the class of 2016 this weekend, there will be one thing missing from the occasion, something that once was a seventy-year campus tradition: the bestowing of a class gift.

Punahou's Main Gates were a gift of the classes of 1931 and 1931.

Punahou’s Main Gates were a gift of the classes of 1931 and 1931.

Class gifts are a way for alumni to benefit current and future students while honoring their alma mater.  Punahou’s records document the gifts received from graduates dating back to 1904.

Commencement was a week-long affair in those days and featured events such as graduation, a dance, and Class Day. It was during this celebration on June 18, 1904 that class president, Harold Castle, introduced the first class gift. He spoke from the balcony to those gathered on the shady lawn in front of Pauahi Hall:

Mr. Castle said that (more…)

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If you were at the Friday night party held during our 40th reunion you enjoyed the music of several classmates, one of whom was Fred Randolph. If you liked what you heard you may be interested in Fred’s new CD.

Fred Randolph

FRED RANDOLPH and Jud Haskins entertaining the crowd at Punahou74’s 40th reunion.

The album is called “Song Without Singing.” Now, truth be told, I am a political junkie and my audio listening is devoted to  talk radio and audiobooks (love that history). That said, from what I have heard, Fred’s album is (more…)

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Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.23.11 PM

Michael Woodward wanted to let you know that (more…)

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February has always been a fun month for me. Its days are easily divided into four periods making it a period of weekly attractions: Week One is the Punahou Carnival; Week Two is Valentine’s Day; Week Three is President’s Day (Washington’s Birthday was celebrated on the 21st when we were at Punahou .. a day I recall was Ann Hughes’ birthday); and Week Four is my birthday!! What more could a child want in a month?

Birthday Cake

Gaye Miuasaki helped us celebrate our 6oth birthdays at January’s Lanakila Day of Service. How are you celebrating yours?

Speaking of birthdays, February 2016 may mark what would be the birthday midpoint for Punahou74. But it’s hard to be sure. While most of us are born in 1956, Punahou admits its boys months older than its girls. Then there are the classmates who are one year older (think 13+ club members) and those prodigies who accelerated into our class. So who really knows. I’ll just use February for my estimate of our average birthday. One thing I know for sure is that, even if you may not have yet celebrated it, if you’re a member of Punahou74 then your 60th birthday is scheduled in your near future.

Thinking about our birthdays I (more…)

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