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When announcing the closure of her firm, Bright Light Marketing, Lynette Lo Tom explained that she was reducing her time spent working in public relations to pursue a passion for cooking in the culinary industry. Her cookbook, A Chinese Kitchen, was a fruit of this passion. Another included a Punahou74 classmate.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.01.11 PM

Mele Meyer takes a break from kitchen work to smile for the camera. (Honolulu Star-Advertiser photo by Craig T. Kojima)

Lynette’s Honolulu Star-Advertiser column is called “Back in the Day.” It’s a compendium of stories and recipes that feature old-fashioned foods. The focus on May 17? Mele Meyer’s (more…)


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100 years ago today, January 16, 1916 a new tradition started at Punahou School: the school lunch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.39.13 PM

When school lunches were made available to Punahou day students, a new accounting system had to be implemented. Tickets covering $5.00 worth of lunches were used first but were replaced by coupon books in 1932. Punch cards, like Rosalyn Won’s (1990) pictured above, were first issued in 1954 in $10 increments. In September 1985, cashiers began charging lunches to student IDs, the charges upon which are billed monthly.

While a noontime meal has been a daily practice since the first Punahou students hung their dinner pails in a closet adjoining the schoolroom, it was not until January 16, 1916 that boarding and day students could (more…)

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In January 2015 Lynette Lo Tom began writing a monthly column in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:  Back in the Day. The column spotlights old-style dishes of various cultures and traditions. This effort represents a change from Lynette’s many years in journalism and public relations, a change towards her love of food, cooking, and the culinary arts. And who among us wouldn’t love a career change at this stage in our lives?!? Lucky Lynette.

A Chinese Kitchen

Lynette’s new cookbook.

As many of you know, I’m someone who has a passion for food, from beginning to end! I like thinking about recipes, looking for new ingredients, comparing notes with other cooks, cooking up dishes and most of all, sharing it with family and friends. Cooking has been a passion, all my life, passed through some terrific cooks, starting with my mother, Lorna Lee Lo.

Guess what I just finished? My very first (more…)

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Excellent news has been received! Carrie Chang Talwar has ended her seventeen month recovery in California and is back home in Hawaii to continue her recuperation. More news on how you can cheer Carrie on as it becomes available.  

During the Friday night reunion party Punahou74 classmates signed a poster offering wishes for the recovery of Carrie Chang Talwar. Yuriko Wellington volunteered to take that poster and a reunion shirt to Carrie. Here’s Yuriko’s report of what happened when she delivered the items to Carrie last summer.

Carrie 5

Yuriko Wellington shows the lily pond poster that was signed by Punahou74 Friday night at our 40th reunion to both Jay and Carrie Talwar.

I got back a little while ago from a trip down to San Diego to visit Carrie Talwar. Jay, and his mom were also there, so we had a nice little (more…)

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On March 17, 2012 I ran a post that gave the Punahou School recipe for Chicken Stew. Interestingly, this story was 2012’s most-viewed post. Time for a second round. Let’s see how this recipe works in 2013.

Beef it's what's for dinnerBetty Shimabuikuro’s “By Request” column publishes an annual booklet in which its five 2012 recipes are reprinted to raise funds for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Good Neighbor Fund. In reading the contents for 2012’s booklet, I found a recipe that I had missed and should have caught earlier: the one for “Punahou Beef Stew.”

The recipe was originally printed on May 9, 2012 right on the (more…)

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When one thinks of Punahou School cafeteria favorites, caramel cuts and malasadas immediately come to mind. Chicken stew? Supposedly this wasn’t around during Punahou 74’s school days. I certainly don’t remember it but, then, I never ate school lunch. Perhaps I was missing out.

Yes, I know it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you’re searching through your cookbooks for Irish Stew and corned beef recipes. Maybe this is something to consider for another day.

This week’s “By Request” column in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser featured a Punahou Chicken Stew Recipe (“Punahou fields fine chicken stew” by Betty Shimabukuro) that sounds like it’s well worth preparing. With ingredients such as peas, carrots, and potatoes swimming in a ginger-flavored ginger broth, it’s easy to see why this dish is something that’s worth adding to your list of favorite recipes.


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