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Wallking Backwards to Pepperland Cover

Cover art by Rob Setrakian, Bruces’ Stanford artist friend, bought by collectors now for over ten years, a simple monogram he calls “a finger painting”–possibly a reflection of the dark in the first chapter, a walk through Hell itself.”

Walking Backwards to Pepperland opens with the “calling of the tune” by The Piper on the Ides of March and then moves on to a rock and roll train wreck colliding with hell three days later. It is technically a memoir, but it’s more of an adventure, too far out to be real, all in our generations’ journey starting in the 60’s and 70’s. The book was edited by Mike Woodward and mentions Steve Taylor.

A note from the author, Bruce Ashford:

Punahou days were some of the best of my life – a treasure of growing up, friends, and changes in the 70’s, leading to college in the Bay Area and a couple of more great years. Then rock and roll turned sour, and lost the art of our generation.

“Walking Backwards” opens with the crash landing of a bad dream In a California train wreck. But the train wreck was only the beginning. On to the confusion of young men struggling with changes and facing the reality of “the real world”, all facades aside. We continued, got lost again…something happened along the way. (more…)


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Already expanding with a second office? It was just a little while ago that the business opened!

Greenwich Harbor Partners

Congratulations to Ted Pryor and his firm, Greenwich Harbor Partners, on the recent opening of its San Francisco office at 995 Market Street.

As the worlds of traditional business confront rapidly developing new technologies, Greenwich Harbor Partners is expanding its ability serve customers in the SF Bay Area and recruit technology savvy candidates to our nation-wide client base. Customers are increasingly demanding a seamless and intuitive end-to-end experience and building this requires a mix of traditional and digital skills. Many companies are looking for a blend of skills that includes digital transformation to modernize general management, marketing, sales and customer service. In addition, Silicon Valley-based companies are increasingly looking at the nationwide talent pool for seasoned executives with industry experience who are used to managing growth at scale.

Says Ted about the expansion, “We are (more…)

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Having been available across the mainland, it was finally time for Richard Botkin’s movie to make its Hawaii premiere.

Ride the Thunder Movie Poster 2.png

Ride the Thunder Movie Poster

Ride the Thunder tells the heroic true story of the friendship between American military legend and Navy Cross recipient, John Ripley, and South Vietnamese war hero, Le Ba Binh. The movie is based upon Richard Botkin’s 2009 book by the same name.

The story required years of research, in person interviews, and trips to Vietnam and Cambodia. It tells the war’s untold story. Saying that “everything Americans know about the end of the Vietnam War is wrong,” Richard sees Ride the Thunder as (more…)

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Congatulations, congratulations, congratulations to Lorraine Akiba for whom March 2017 was a month of recognition.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.29.29 PM

Punahou74 Power Couple: Robert Pennybacker and Lorraine Akiba pose with HMSA COO and President Mike Stollar. Akiba and Stollar were fellow 2017 Hawaii Business “20 for the Next 20” Honorees.

The recognitions stemmed from Lorainne’s work promoting the growth of renewable energy and for serving as a female role model.

The month started with her being honored by Pacific Business News as one of Hawaii’s “Women Who Mean Business.” The award is given to women who demonstrate (more…)

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If you were at the Friday night party held during our 40th reunion you enjoyed the music of several classmates, one of whom was Fred Randolph. If you liked what you heard you may be interested in Fred’s new CD.

Fred Randolph

FRED RANDOLPH and Jud Haskins entertaining the crowd at Punahou74’s 40th reunion.

The album is called “Song Without Singing.” Now, truth be told, I am a political junkie and my audio listening is devoted to  talk radio and audiobooks (love that history). That said, from what I have heard, Fred’s album is (more…)

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The exhibit’s run has been extended, but only until Saturday, October 10. The time is now to see it before it’s gone. The time is Thursday for Punahou74 to see it together. And here’s a special invitation from Melanna to encourage you to be there.

Making the Mural

Meleanna in a still from the KalamaProductions video that’s linked below.

Aloha dear classmates!

It would be great to see you this Thursday at a special mural exhibition event at Marks Garage in Chinatown. The focus will be an important work that I and my artist friends have created.

The piece has to do with (more…)

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In January 2015 Lynette Lo Tom began writing a monthly column in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser:  Back in the Day. The column spotlights old-style dishes of various cultures and traditions. This effort represents a change from Lynette’s many years in journalism and public relations, a change towards her love of food, cooking, and the culinary arts. And who among us wouldn’t love a career change at this stage in our lives?!? Lucky Lynette.

A Chinese Kitchen

Lynette’s new cookbook.

As many of you know, I’m someone who has a passion for food, from beginning to end! I like thinking about recipes, looking for new ingredients, comparing notes with other cooks, cooking up dishes and most of all, sharing it with family and friends. Cooking has been a passion, all my life, passed through some terrific cooks, starting with my mother, Lorna Lee Lo.

Guess what I just finished? My very first (more…)

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