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With the rollout of Punahou School’s Alumni Week 2017, reunion 2019 is nudging its way on to the edge of Punahou74’s consciousness. In one year the reunion countdown will begin. Good to know that Punahou74 is still strong … and still celebrating together.

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“Hey, where’s the party?” (Stein Rafto photo)

Alumni Week’s Thursday night is an “Alumni Celebration.” It’s open to all alumni (+ friends and family) and offers good food, good music, and good times.

While it’s an alumni party, most of the attendees tend to be from reunion classes. And that’s something that Punahou74 will wait another two years to experience.

But this doesn’t stop the great Punahou School class of 1974.

Alumni Art Exhibit

Babs Miyano Young generously donated tropical floral arrangements that graced the Alumni Art exhibition. Simply stunning! I love how she (more…)


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The Punahou Alumni Association’s recognition of outstanding alumni has become a regular part of the school’s Alumni Week in the last few years. Despite 2017 being a non-reunion year, Punahou74’s presence at the ceremony was hard to ignore. You should’ve been there!

2017 PAA Awards

AWARDS READY TO GO. Marcia’s and Scott’s are the second and third in line. Since they were first given out in 1954, 165 awards have been made to alumni. The oldest recipient? O-in-Life winner George Paul Cooke of the class of 1895. Twelve 1970-decade graduates have also won over time: four of them members from the great class of 1974!

No, it’s not because of the kalua sliders, chicken potstickers, shrimp cocktail, and caramel cuts that filled our plates that attendance was a must-do. It’s because it is no (more…)

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Imagine my surprise when I opened the invitation! You will be surprised too. … or maybe not too surprised.

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Punahou Alumni Association Awards Ceremony

Created in 1976, the Old School Award recognizes those who support Punahou in many ways. Its winners exemplify the spirit of Punahou through outstanding service to the school. This is the one award that is open to both living and non-living alumni and non-alumni.

The award is one of four offered by the Punahou Alumni Association (PAA). The other three alumni awards, and the years in which they were first offered, are the “O” in Life (1954), the Samuel Chapman Armstrong Humanitarian Award (1993), and the Charles S. Judd, Jr. Humanitarian Award (2003). Certificates of Appreciation are also conferred.

Before this year Punahou74 had two Old School Award Winners: Alan (more…)

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As explained in an earlier post I reviewed the Punahou Bulletin class notes for reports of births of Punahou74 class members. What I found is shown below. This is a best effort. Some reports did not include a specific name but referenced the new baby with general terms such as “baby girl,” “youngster,” or “young man.” In such cases I would check the Punahou Directory for the reporter’s listed children and, as reported, place of residence. Four entries could not be confirmed and are shown in bold type. If these entries, or any other, needs to be deleted please let me know. I prefer that I be corrected rather than present an inaccurate listing.

Pun Bulletin May 1955

DOES JOHNNY READ AT PUNAHOU? Punahou’s “Johnny” is Johnny Breneman, a second grader, who is the young man featured on the cover of this Bulletin. The young reader is the son of Punahou speech instructor A.D. Breneman and Mrs.Breneman.

Punahou Bulletin May 1955

Class of 1938

Senate resolution #39 extended “sincere congratulations and best wishes” to Mr. and Mrs. William S. (more…)

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AlumniWeek2013BannerFor those of you who haven’t made the trek recently, the Punahou class reunion experience has become something beyond the mere gathering of classmates. It is no longer just “Reunion.” It is now Alumni Week: “a concentrated week of opportunities to celebrate and connect, both for reunion year classes and for all alumni.” (Source: Punahou School website)


2013 reunion classes

One event that is open to all alumni is the “Alumni Celebration and Class Gift Presentation.” This evening celebration welcomes alumni back to campus to showcase Punahou and alumni achievements in various fields. Among the available distractions are a Living History Display, alumni author and artist exhibits, musical entertainment, great heavy pupu (kalua pig sliders, chicken wings, manapua, wine, beer, and more) as well as the presentation of the Reunion Class Gifts to the school. All of this is free and without charge.

Of course, the majority of tonight’s participants were, as we will be in 2014, reunion class members. Regardless, there’s plenty to do and, when evidence of one’s own class comes to light, moments to bask in the pride that comes with the knowledge that, yes, Punahou74 is still making its mark at Punahou.

How so? Take a look at the slide show below. (more…)

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More than 4,000 workers are needed every year to make the Punahou Carnival run. Of these, 900+ are Punahou alumni from 39 classes spanning five decades. These alumni were working hard in more than 48 shifts at booths ranging from hamburgers, to Hawaiian plate, to Portuguese Bean Soup. Of those present, no alumni made an effort that is more important to the readers of this blog than that made by Punahou74 at Ewa Malasadas.

Marie and Ralph

Marie Mookini and Ralph Aona were our Carnival chairs in 1973 and, as luck would have it, they both came back to campus to again lead classmates at PunahouCarnival74 +40! Marie’s retired after working for 29 years at Stanford University, primarily at the Business School. Ralph’s serving as a minister with the Community of Christ at various locations on Oahu.

It was a prefect day for making malasadas. Tepid weather prevailed with nary a rain-bearing cloud in sight. The buckeroos were enjoying the rides, the great buys at the White Elephant, and eating corn, gyros, and taco salad as they wended their way through the growing crowds. It was Punahou Carnival at its grandest.

But the best was yet to come. As the sun began its long decent in the west, Punahou74 gathered in the Ewa, the Ewa Malasada tent that is. It was time for the annual Punahou74 Carnival shift and mini reunion.

Despite some last minute drop outs due to illness, insistent clients, and a lack of inertia as well as losses of familiar faces to parental Carnival booth obligations, Punahou74 filled the tent with a fine number of classmates (including three out of Honolulu-ers), spouses, children, and friends. Mahalo PLENTY to all who came: (more…)

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Sounds like a fun event. It’s also easy for those of you who work downtown to attend.


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