I know that some classmates will be in town for Billy Richardson’s memorial service. Why not use some of that time to attend a friendly Punahou74 get-together while you’re here?

Karaoke Night

After the 2016 karaoke event: (L-R) Alan Lau, Heidi Hemmings Hall, Marcia Wright, Mary Jane Markoskie, Jan Bertram, Monica Del Piano Campanis, Lynne Gartley Meyer, Faye Inouye Aitcheson, Sheree Lum Orsi, and Lisa Yamaguchi Bowden. Gaye Miyasaki also attended.

In 2016 when Faye Inouye Aitcheson, Jan Bertram, and Sheree Lum Orsi came to town classmates got together to enjoy a karaoke night. That was a LOT of fun. In 2018 the three are returning to Honolulu, this time with Lyallyn Temple in tow, so it’s time for another great get together. Continue Reading »



Arrangements have been set for Billy Richardson’s memorial service.  A large crowd is expected and refreshments need to be ordered so be sure to RSVP. Consider carpooling because valet parking is limited and, well, because the drive out to Laie is a long one for most of us.  

Bill Richardson

Bill Richardson (1974 Oahuan photo)

A Celebration of the Life of

William Kahelelani “Billy” Richardson

April 6, 1955 – November 10, 2017

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How are your New Year’s resolutions doing so far? Still working on them? Here’s the story of one classmate who made a resolution … and worked it. What will you have done by December 31, 2018?

Nancy drops by

YURIKO DURING A HONOLULU VISIT (August 2, 2014): Taking a break while preparing flowers for Scott Metcalf’s memorial service. Yuri (left) with Nancy Dew Metcalf and Renee Ahuna Cabrinha. Note the Punahou74 t-shirts!

Lao Tzu is quoted as saying that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Even the longest and most difficult ventures have to start somewhere. For one Punahou74 classmate, her challenge came in the form of finishing a marathon: a journey of 26 miles and 385 yards (or an estimated 55,334 steps). Continue Reading »

So you think the Carnival was over when the clock struck 11 p.m. on Saturday, February 3? Well it wasn’t. Not if you lived in Southern California that is.


And the Punahou74 blog is writing about this because … read on to find out!

The Punahou Alumni Association Southern California (PAASC) is one of the PAA’s regional chapters. It is the largest chapter outside of the state of Hawaii with more than 3,000 members living in Santa Barbara and to the south.

It’s an active chapter. Looking at its facebook page, it has regular events that include pau hanas, beach clean-ups, Hawaiian music concerts, and visits from the big guy (Dr. Scott). And, this year, there was a new event on the calendar, Continue Reading »

We’re all familiar with the saying, “Join the Navy and See the World.” Even the Navy sells this as an enlistment benefit noting that “the vessels that you will serve on will sail to the corners of the Earth and you will stop in many different ports.” Of course, that’s because the Navy member is serving on the ship itself. I didn’t know that there were incidental benefits for family members!

View from Bridge

VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE of the USN Richard E. Byrd at Apra Harbor in Guam.

Truth be it, the family member to whom I am referring is in the Merchant Marines, not the United States Navy. But it’s still a job that takes you to the four corners of the Earth. Right?

And as to the incidental benefits? In this case they relate to the service of Continue Reading »

As promised in the malasada mahalo post, here are the pictures that go with the story. Scenes shown here were taken during the malasada shift on Friday night, February 2 and haku lei making at Dole Cafeteria on January 30. Mahalo to Gaye Miyasaki and Catherine Tompkison for their photographs.

Thanks again to all who made a Punahou74 impact at Carnival. You are among the 4,000 volunteers who made Carnival happen.

See you in 2019!

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“What, me worry?” Yes. Me worry plenty! Going into Friday there was a concern that Punahou74 would not meet its malasada shift commitment and would be about 15% short of the people we needed. And many of these volunteers were “tentatives.” When it came to shift time, would the malasadas have to be make themselves?

Taj Malasadas 2018

TAJ MALASADAS is the name of this year’s Ewa Malasada booth. As the Taj Mahal is one of the world’s architectural wonders so too is a Punahou’s malasada one of the world’s culinary wonders!

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