As anticipated in the blog post announcing her death earlier this year, an Oahu memorial service has been scheduled for Ann Wilkinson (Springer).

Ann Wilkinson

RIL Ann Wilkinson Springer

Ann’s Memorial Service will be held at 59-087 Hoalua Street in Haleiwa on Saturday, August 8 at 11:00 a.m.

The family warmly invites and looks forward to seeing her Punahou74 classmates at the event.

The home is the second house to the right of Sunset Beach when looking makai. It is the Wilkinson family’s beach home.

A luncheon will follow the ceremony with a paddle out Ash Ceremony later in the afternoon.

To help plan the event, click here to email them of of your attendance.

This is an opportunity to remember and recognize a classmate who traveled with us for nine years along life’s journey. Together, let’s lift her up with our aloha for the next segment of her voyage.

Triangle Logo

If Punahou74 ever starts a book club we have several classmates who can contribute works (or even films–remember that “Novel-to-Film” class with Mr. Schlieman?) for discussion. Sure. We’ve known that for some time now. But have you known that the next generation is nipping at our heels?

Diamond Head BookKalfred Wong’s daughter, Cecily, has written Diamond Head, “a jewel of a saga.” The Hawaii-centered tome is a sweeping debut novel that follows four generations of a wealthy Chinese family from China to Hawaii.

The family’s rise and decline is riddled with secrets and tragic love in a story that has earned 4.3/5.0 stars on Amazon and recognition as one of Barnes and Noble’s Summer 2015 Discover Great New Writers Selections.

Along with the Barnes and Noble honor comes the opportunity to hold book reading and signing appearances at store locations including the Ala Moana Barnes and Noble. For Cecily that opportunity will come this Saturday, July 18 at 1 p.m. You can be a part of it!

Special alert to Punahou74 classmates: Continue Reading »

Learned something new watching this …

Metcalf Punavision

Still from “Punavision Remembers Scott Metcalf.”

After he passed away, Punavision posted a video honoring Scott’s contributions to video production at Punahou. Take a look at it yourself.

Here’s how Punavision described the video: Continue Reading »

When the college choices of the Punahou class of 2014 appeared in the Winter 2014 edition of the Punahou Bulletin I wondered … how did their choices compare to the choices Punahou74 made forty years before?

Leaving the HIC

Diplomas in hand, Punahou74 leaves the Honolulu International Center and enters the world of life after Punahou School. (Photo courtesy of Gaye Miyasaki.)

For many years the Punahou Bulletin has published an annual report of its recent graduates that lists their self-reported colleges and universities attended and other plans.

The list makes for interesting reading and gives a snapshot both of the current “hot schools” and insight into the regard that colleges hold for Punahou School applicants. For example, only one Punahou74 graduate was heading to Radcliffe and none to Harvard. (Radcliffe would be formally integrated into Harvard by 1999.) By comparison six Punahou14 graduates were headed to Harvard. Quite a forty year turnaround in Cambridge, Massachusetts you might say.

What other college changes have happened at Punahou in forty years? Did Punahou14 parents get more bang for their Punahou tuition buck? Take a look at the numbers. Continue Reading »

Is it any surprise that a 1976 Narcissus queen and former Aloha Airlines flight attendant would end up on the cover of a magazine in 2015?

Coralie Chun Generations Magazine

Generations Magazine April/May 2015 Issue

Hurricane season runs from May 15 to November 30 in Hawaii. With that in mind it’s a good thing that Coralie Chun Matayoshi was on the April/May cover of Generations Magazine “to insure PREPAREDNESS … with the help of volunteers.”

The story focuses upon the fact that, Continue Reading »

 There will be three proud Punahou74 classmates at the Blaisdell arena tonight watching their children accept their Punahou diplomas.
2015 Graduate
So much work has been done. The stage has been decorated, the holoku ironed, the ties knotted, the lei sewn. Time to breathe. It’s all over but the walk across the stage. Keep calm and graduate. Then … life as a Punahou alumnus.
As I was on campus yesterday observing parents and campus workers busily prepare for graduation and the Alumni Luau I couldn’t help but think, was life better as a Punahou student, a Punahou parent, a Punahou volunteer, or as a Punahou alumnus? Hard to tell. Each has its good and bad parts. Honestly, I’m just glad to be part of the gang. Really, it’s all good.
Tonight’s Punahou students will soon join us as alumni. I say congratulations and enjoy they ride. Here’s a fond Punahou74 aloha to the following Punahou15 graduates and their Punahou74 parents.

Continue Reading »

I am regularly amazed by the artistic creativity and aesthetic know-how of Punahou students. On Friday, May 29, 2015 there was yet another reminder of these imaginative gifts to be found on campus.

Plastic 1

Punahou athletic shorts let you know that this plastic person is in the right cafeteria.

When one enters Dole Hall one expects to see a space filled with the bustling lunchtime conversations of students enjoying their mid-day break. What one does not expect is brooding approximations of these diners: plastic sculptures of beings frozen in time and doomed to an experience of unending similtude.

Who were these plastic people?

Asking one of the nearby students, I learned that they were a project of the academy sculpture class.

Interesting. How were they made?

Each student was wrapped Continue Reading »


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