The time is nigh. Punahou Carnival opens tomorrow. Time for the Punahou74 shift at Ewa Malasadas.

Here are a few quick reminders to get you ready for our shift:

  • Check in is at 4:45 p.m.

    Coffee with that?

    DO YOU WANT COFFEE WITH THAT? Proper malasada booth worker attire. “Love” the hat.

  • Check out is at 8:00 p.m.
  • Wear closed toe shoes. (Just like when we went on field trips in Winne.)
  • Bring a hat or enjoy the booth’s haute couture paper version.
  • Sleeves needed! (Aren’t we a little old for tank tops anyway? Perhaps a Punahou74 shirt instead?)

You will have the opportunity to purchase up to Continue Reading »

New to the Punahou Carnival in 1962 was a game that still graces today’s midway, albeit with some updates. Provided at little cost, it was a money-maker from the start. And its appeal; obviously timeless!

Splat Midway Scene 1962

Scenes from the skills game midway of Punahou Carnival 1962. (Punahou Bulletin photo, March 1962.)

After the 1961 Punahou Carnival it was clear that one of the two bean bag booths needed to go. But what to offer in its place?

The Carnival “big wigs” that year were overall chairwoman Mrs. Alex Waterhouse and student co-chairmen Kale Okasaki (1963) and Warren Heiser (1963). There was also “Carnival granddaddy” Leo Piper (Buildings and Grounds, 1946-1965) and dean of the sponsoring Junior Class, Tom Metcalf (Elementary and Academy Teacher, Dean 1950-1990). Working together this group would raise a Carnival gross of $57,025; most of which much would go towards funding student scholarships.

Just two months before the February 9 and 10 event, Warren Heiser had an idea for a booth replacement. He shared his idea at the December 14, 1961 meeting of the Carnival Coordinating Committee: Continue Reading »

Don’t mean to brag, but this is really everything you need to know. And, honestly, if it isn’t, let me know and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

Carnival Logo

Dates and Times

February 5 and 6, 2016. 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily on the lower Punahou School campus.

Weather Forecast

Sure the Carnival’s famous for its rain and mud. In fact, Continue Reading »

I have occasionally taken a look at the Punahou Carnival facebook page as the year has progressed. It’s usually a fun diversion. This year’s theme is “Rewind the Time” and the page was celebrating Throwback Thursday by rewinding the time back to past Carnivals. The post shown below is one of these efforts. Hmmm. Interesting, I thought. Put up some pictures and emphasize your theme. Good idea. But then they only put up two throwback pictures! Kids. Guess their idea of history differs from mine because I believe that there are many many good memories when it comes to the Punahou Carnival.

Punahou Carnival Throwback Thursday

A recent Punahou Carnival facebook Throwback Thursday post.

I’ve shared some of those memories through this blog. There’s the story about The Day the Punahou Carnival Died. The history of the Jams and Jellies booth. And, of course, there’s that tale of the 1973 Punahou Carnival and how it was a “simpler affair.”  Talk about a walk down memory lane. That was back in the day!

As you can tell, I love Punahou’s history and love to write about it. And I’d like to introduce a candidate for Throwback Thursday that the kids missed.

Carnival 1955

Jim Iams 1973 Oahuan 1

James Iams as pictured in the 1973 Oahuan.

Punahou74 will remember Jim Iams. While we were in the academy he was the dean of the class of 1975, his final class after having served as a dean starting in 1957. He came to Punahou as a math instructor in 1945 and became Director of Activities from 1946-1956. Following his service as dean, he managed the Career Exploration Program for two years.

With so much hands-on time with students, it’s no surprise that Mr. Iams had memories galore to share regarding his challenges, joys, and experiences over the years. One of his favorite memories was the story behind the photo below and Continue Reading »

For those of you who are regular readers of this blog you may remember an invitation to a Chinatown showing by Meleanna Meyer last fall. The exhibit focused upon a two-sided mural which dealt with the concept of healing and Hawaii’s history. It was an interesting and thought provoking display that made for an engaging evening.

The mural is part of a larger film project that Meleanna is working on with a great group of people and for which she welcomes any support–financial or otherwise. (One classmate already generously donated $30,000 towards the cause.)

But that showing was months ago. Paraphrasing Paul Harvey, how’d you like to know the rest of the story?

Mele teaching

Meleanna discussing her mural with Punahou students.

During the course of the October showing, Meleanna was visited by a group of Punahou teachers who liked what they saw. Actually, they liked it enough to ask that Continue Reading »

100 years ago today, January 16, 1916 a new tradition started at Punahou School: the school lunch.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.39.13 PM

When school lunches were made available to Punahou day students, a new accounting system had to be implemented. Tickets covering $5.00 worth of lunches were used first but were replaced by coupon books in 1932. Punch cards, like Rosalyn Won’s (1990) pictured above, were first issued in 1954 in $10 increments. In September 1985, cashiers began charging lunches to student IDs, the charges upon which are billed monthly.

While a noontime meal has been a daily practice since the first Punahou students hung their dinner pails in a closet adjoining the schoolroom, it was not until January 16, 1916 that boarding and day students could Continue Reading »

If you missed your chance to volunteer Punahou74’s recent Community Day at Lanakila all is not lost. Why? Because it’s time for the Punahou Carnival. Guess what? Volunteers like you are needed!

Carnival Logo

2016 Punahou Carnival Logo

If it’s January it’s time for the annual appeal for Punahou74 volunteers for the Ewa Malasada tent. Can you help out?

The theme tag line this year pays homage to Punahou School’s 175th anniversary: “Rewind the Time: the Punahou Journey.” That fits right in for Carnival volunteering … because during one shift you’ll find that there’s plenty of time to rekindle old acquaintances!

Once again we will be sharing the tent with members of the Punahou School class of 1970. They were a great bunch to work with last year and I am sure they will be there in force again. Thankfully, because this is a joint effort, I only have to beg 25 of you to come forward to get your hands doughy.

But … Nancy Dew Metcalf is again our fearless leader and she tells me that she still needs Continue Reading »


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