Thank you to the many Punahou74 classmates who paid their last respects to Duane Maeda on February 25.

Hosoi Funeral Board

A sign of the times: “Funeral Service for the Late Mr. Duane Miki Maeda.”

Held at 6 p.m. at Hosoi Mortuary, Duane Maeda’s funeral service was well attended by his family, his coworkers, his friends, and his Punahou74 classmates.

The room was decorated with wreaths from family and business interests. Duane was employed at the Kahala Hotel and Resort. Several classmates reported seeing him often at banquet functions where he supervised the wait staff.

Songs included “Amazing Grace,” “Kanaka Wai Wai,” and “Aloha Oe.”

The service featured remarks by friends and family. It seems that Duane was a frequent traveler to Las Vegas and he reliably returned with excellent omiyage for all to share. A funny story was told of when, during one of these trips, he and a friend stopped to ask a policeman to ask for directions. The place they sought? Continue Reading »

Punahou goes into this week’s Hawaii High School Athletic Association boys’ state basketball tournament as the #1 seed. Time to cheer the team on … and a Punahou74 child as well.

Basketball Senior Night

PUNAHOU BASKETBALL’S SENIOR NIGHT: Mike Mikasa (L) and Keith Kam (R) congratulate J.B. Kam.

It was an exciting game last Friday Continue Reading »

Sometimes it’s fun to look at old issues of the Punahou Bulletin. The February, 1982 Punahou Bulletin had one of the more interesting Punahou74 class notes reports. Are you interested in reading about these classmates for a second time?

Coralie Marriage

August 8 was the date of the marriage of Coralie Ann Chun ’74 and Ronald F. Matayoshi, the son of Mayor Herbert Matayoshi of Hiilo, at the Community Church of Honolulu. The bride, a graduate of UC Hastings Law School, is employed by the U.S. Department of Justice as an anti-trust lawyer, while her husband is working toward his doctorate in public administration at American University, Washington D.C.

Continue Reading »

One word for the work that Punahou74 did at the 2015 Punahou Carnival: SWEET!

GleasonWhile sharing of the malasada tent this year with Punahou70 meant that Punahou74 was fewer in number, the enthusiasm felt during our shift was as strong as ever. To paraphrase Jackie Gleason, “How sweet it was!”

We had one newbie in attendance: Continue Reading »

Thanks again to Donn Terada for sharing his beautiful memories regarding Duane Maeda. Donn has now forwarded the service information. Please consider attending to give Duane a heartfelt Punahou74 sendoff.

Maeda Sr Pic

Duane Maeda as pictured in the 1974 Oahuan.

Continue Reading »

As we Punahou74 was preparing to go to head over to Punahou for our annual malasada shift some bad news came in. Another classmate–Duane Maeda–has left us. Mahalo to Donn Terada for telling us how he knew Duane and the gentle soul he was. Aloha, Duane. Until we meet again.

Maeda Sr Pic

Duane Maeda as pictured in the 1974 Oahuan.

Duane went to the University of Hawaii after Punahou but didn’t seem to be studying too much. Always saw him at Continue Reading »

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” So says Juliet to Romeo. She wants him to know that she loves the person who is called “Montague” but not the name itself.

Bennie's Pennies

Holding pennies in their fingers, Roseanne Mandell Levine and Lynne Gartley Meyer recalled the 1973 Punahou Carnival booth that they co-chaired: the Penny Toss. The booth was named “Benny’s Pennies: It’s Good-Man.” (1974 40th Reunion Picture)

Despite Juliet’s perspective, Continue Reading »


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