If you were at the Friday night party held during our 40th reunion you enjoyed the music of several classmates, one of whom was Fred Randolph. If you liked what you heard you may be interested in Fred’s new CD.

Fred Randolph

FRED RANDOLPH and Jud Haskins entertaining the crowd at Punahou74’s 40th reunion.

The album is called “Song Without Singing.” Now, truth be told, I am a political junkie and my audio listening is devoted to  talk radio and audiobooks (love that history). That said, from what I have heard, Fred’s album is Continue Reading »

Thanks to Gaye, the celebration continues.

60 Kanreki

For those lucky enough to reach their 60th birthdays, Japanese tradition celebrates the idea of growing older and rebirth in the form of a kanreki.

During this time of 60th birthday celebrations for many classmates Gaye has been using the term “kanreki” to describe the festivities. If you’re like me perhaps you’re wondering what kanreki means. I looked it up:

Kanreki is a celebration held on a man’s 60th birthday. Kan means “return” and reki means “calendar.” At 60, according to the Chinese zodiac, a person has returned to the calendar sign under which the person was born. … the person is beginning his or her life all over again. (www.crosscurrents.hawaii.edu)

After February and April’s celebrations, it’s time to continue the beginning of our lives all over again. Here’s the invitation from Gaye: Continue Reading »

Twice in one week! Who would have thought …

Star-BullWhile reading last week’s Honolulu Star-Bulletin I was pleasantly surprised to see that Punahou74 had two classmates who raised their “Island Voices” while advocating issues of local interest. I wonder how your opinion aligns with theirs.

The Threatened Closure of Wahiawa General Hospital

First up was Ellen Continue Reading »

As explained in an earlier post I reviewed the Punahou Bulletin class notes for reports of births of Punahou74 class members. What I found is shown below. This is a best effort. Some reports did not include a specific name but referenced the new baby with general terms such as “baby girl,” “youngster,” or “young man.” In such cases I would check the Punahou Directory for the reporter’s listed children and, as reported, place of residence. Four entries could not be confirmed and are shown in bold type. If these entries, or any other, needs to be deleted please let me know. I prefer that I be corrected rather than present an inaccurate listing.

Pun Bulletin May 1955

DOES JOHNNY READ AT PUNAHOU? Punahou’s “Johnny” is Johnny Breneman, a second grader, who is the young man featured on the cover of this Bulletin. The young reader is the son of Punahou speech instructor A.D. Breneman and Mrs.Breneman.

Punahou Bulletin May 1955

Class of 1938

Senate resolution #39 extended “sincere congratulations and best wishes” to Mr. and Mrs. William S. Continue Reading »

Do you remember the battle for Hill 74?

As reported in Ka Punahou:


Photo Credit: Ka Punahou

The freshmen rushed reinforcements to Rocky Hill today as the freshmen reported a buildup of juniors and seniors in the area. The junior and senior activity has come after a long lull in the battle during which three things occurred: Continue Reading »

Thanks to Gaye Miyasaki we now have a plan for the karaoke night described in the last blog post.

Wang Chung's Karaoke Bar

Wang Chung’s Karaoke Bar is located at 2424 Koa Avenue in Waikiki. You can reach them at 808-921-9176. The bar is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. daily.

Here’s what Gaye wrote: Continue Reading »

In the interest of marking their 60th birthdays in a big way, three Punahou74 classmates are traveling to Honolulu to celebrate. They asked if it was possible to get together with other classmates while in town. I thought, “Why not?” And, while not missing a beat, Mary Jane Markoskie added, “What about karaoke?” What about karaoke indeed. Better yet, what about you singing karaoke right alongside us?

Neon KaraokeWe did this Before

Yes, I know we tried karaoke at our 24th reunion. Remember?

We had just finished putting on the Alumni Luau. Punahou graciously provided us with a “thank you” party for this major effort. After finishing our work on lower field, we concluded the evening by trekking up to the cafeteria for what, given our zombie-like state, promised to be a subdued and highly shortened affair.

But there was some hope. Upon arriving, a Continue Reading »


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