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Punahou74 40th Reunion: A Day on the Links July 21, 2014

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For those who think that a game of golf is a good walk wasted should blame the Scots who claim to have invented the sport. When the adventurous Scottish emigrants set out into the world in search of fortune, there is a good possibility that besides the kilts and the bagpipes, there were sets of golf clubs among their luggage. (Pratt, Alexander. “How the Scots Brought Golf to the Islands.” The Story of Scots in Hawaii. Honolulu: The Caledonian Society of Hawaii (2000): p. 237.) Look at how these Punahou74 “Scots” fared on the 40th reunion links.


Ann McMartin, Leighton McLam, and Maile Mobberly McWilliams are all smiles at the Punahou74 Reunion Golf Tournament.

Built in 1898, the Moanalua Golf Course was the first golf course built in Hawaii. Designed by Samuel Mills Damon’s gardener, Donald Macintyre, the course was laid out on the Damon estate and used the valley’s slopes and stream to create natural hazards. Originally designed with 18 holes, the course was shortened in 1901 by Samuel’s son, Edward, who thought that nine holes were sufficient in Hawaii’s tropical climate.

It was to this course that twelve (more…)

Found on Friday: Punahou School’s Busy Bees July 19, 2014

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A recent Punahou Bulletin article described a new campus Rocky Hill apiary and how the study of bees is being integrated into the K-12 curriculum. Interesting. But Rocky Hill isn’t the only place where bees are abuzz on campus.

Punahou night blooming cereus

The mid-morning look up Punahou Street where Punahou’s resplendent night blooming cereus hedge graces the road.

Stepping off the #4 bus for my Friday work at Punahou, I was pleased to see that the night-blooming cereus were doing what they do best: putting on a show at Punahou. Despite the lateness of the hour (it was nearing 10 a.m.) and the flowers impending closure after their night’s furious display, I decided to stroll up Punahou Street to take a look at the beauty that remained.

Although it was not one of the “choke” blooms that are the stuff of legend, each and every blossom (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: The Alumni Celebration and the Punahou74 Reunion Gift July 12, 2014

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Punahou School offers a yearly Alumni Celebration to which all alumni, regardless of reunion status, are invited to attend. Of course, reunion classes are the stars of the evening and, of course, Punahou74 was well represented.

Williams Van Niel Lee

Connie Williams, Penny Van Niel, and Annabelle Lee at the Thursday event. Connie and Penny both flew in for what would be their very first reunion experience. Annabelle hadn’t been back since our 10th reunion. A hearty “welcome back” ladies!

The Alumni Celebration on June 12 included what one might expect of any Punahou social gathering: great entertainment (featuring the Oahu College Band), plenty of ono food, and ample time to mingle with interesting people. But, beyond the basic social requirements, the evening offered an opportunity to showcase Punahou and Alumni achievements in various fields. And Punahou74 was (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: The Beauty of Fresh Flowers July 2, 2014

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If you, like I, are an avid reader of reunion narratives in the Punahou Bulletin you have probably not read much, if anything, about floral decorations. After all, the action is in describing who came, what they had to say, and where they came from. But a Punahou74 reunion is not your typical reunion and its floral decorations not your typical floral decorations.

Flower 12

Haleconia, bird of paradise, and other florals are separated and ready to tie to the tent poles.

While many enjoyed the beauty of a Friday night party at the Morgans’ home, they may not have consciously realized that a large part of the evening’s loveliness was due to the fresh floral decorations that were present in lavish proportions.

With the selection of a private home, the need for floral decorations expanded the typical need for tabletop arrangements and required arrays throughout the party landscape both inside and outside of the facility. Putting such an effort together required hours spent cutting, ordering, sourcing, cleaning, securing, and arranging the blooms. The result was a (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: Kuliouou Ridge Hike June 29, 2014

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Bruce Ashford brought a new idea to the reunion schedule this year: hiking. He wanted to offer classmates various opportunities; including, one during which they would “hike up to the top of a mountain.” That mountain hike started in Kuliouou.


READY FOR THE CLIMB are (L-R) Mike Yokoyama, Bob Aten, Suzanne and Mike Woodward, Steve Taylor, Bruce Ashford, Randy Tucker, Rosanne and Clifford Levine.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail is a 5.5 mile intermediate level path that gains 2,000 feet along the way. Given that we are (ahem) getting up there in age, it was gratifying that (more…)

Found on Friday: Red Poinciana June 27, 2014

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Second in the Found on Friday series. This is when I write about things that I find on the Punahou School campus when I am there on Fridays.

This was an easy one.

After finishing lunch at the cafeteria I was walking towards Cooke Library when I saw a royal poinciana tree ablaze with flowers. It was gorgeous.

Summer is truly in bloom! This must be (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: Movie Night June 26, 2014

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In a new-to-reunion event, Movie Night was held on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. It was a time for lights, camera, and some unexpected action.

Movie Choices

And the winner is …

Gathering at the community room of the new Manoa Public Library, nineteen classmates met for the first event of the Punahou74 reunion: Movie Night. We were there to enjoy popcorn, pizza, and a movie. What could be simpler?

The evening started with runoff vote between American Graffiti, Blazing Saddles, and M*A*S*H.  In what would be a twist of fate, (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: Service at the Lily Pond June 21, 2014

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Wearing the “wet fish” look on campus usually meant that one of three things had happened at the lily pond: you had lost your balance walking across its long-lost rocky path, slipped in while trying to catch a crayfish, or were the subject of a jolly “Punahou swing” into its depths. (Although these students found different ways to enjoy the lily pond waters.) One thing was for sure, what happened wasn’t because of a sponsored school event. So it was great amusement that I read that one of the available reunion service projects was for a lily pond clean up. At last! A chance to explore the lily pond itself … and with Punahou’s blessing to boot!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 was a day of service to Punahou. Alumni had the choice of working in the taro patch at Kualoa Ranch, Rocky Hill, and the lily pond. As the spiritual heart of the campus I jumped at the chance to offer time to service the lily pond.

As luck would have it, four other Punahou74 classmates shared my desire to assist Punahou in this capacity. In fact, we would form (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: Your Opinion Counts June 19, 2014

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While it may take many hands to make a great reunion, it takes many minds to make a great reunion even better.

Faces 2

Some of the faces of the 40th reunion of the Punahou School Class of 1974.

Throughout our 40th reunion many classmates told me of how happy they were to be back with their classmates and how much they were enjoying reunion. After months of hard work, the compliments were reassuring and melted the anxiety regarding how the events would pan out. It’s great that everything was so well received.

But, at the back of my mind, I have to wonder, “How (more…)

Punahou74 40th Reunion: Big MAHALOS June 16, 2014

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Edie Brown Flower Prep

Edie Brown-Vieyra was with us for only five years (grades 4-8) yet spent hours preparing flowers for the Friday party. She was one of several classmates for whom Punahou 74′s 40th was a first time reunion experience.

I just returned from the last 40th reunion event: a hike to Lulumahu Falls in Nuuanu Valley. Gave some final goodbyes, a hug for a bon voyage, and that was that. Pau. Wow. Time to get off of the train that started building steam at our September 28 meeting over eight long months ago. Are you having a post-reunion letdown? I feel your pain. What am I going to do with my time now?

I took extra vacation time off from work during the entire last week (and today). I knew that our 40th reunion would require hours of attention to last minute details and get-togethers.

As time would tell that was a good decision. I was booking it for many days running from prep to party and often at lightning speed. Both the days and nights were long and filled with a flurry of activity … but I was not alone in making the effort to bring our 40th reunion together.

As the saying goes, (more…)


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